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Baby on a Bed

In Home Sleep Training Service

If you overwhelmed by the whole idea of sleep training and not sure where to start or feel like you need a more hands on support option then this is the service for you. 

This bespoke support option is co-created with you and includes in home support for 24 hours with the option to extend this too. 

If you have found yourself using a night nanny so that you can get some sleep then this will stop you from wasting your money and instead get to the route cause of your child's sleep issues and get results that will last! 


What Does The 'Done For You' Package really look like? 


The done for you package is offered to customers who wish to have their inital consultation in their home and be shown in person exactly how to impliment the first steps of your tailored sleep plan. Allowing me into your home is a hige deal and one that I am always honored to do. Having this close working relationship form the start not only gets you quicker results, but it also give me a great insight to your child's personality which will allow me to ensure that their sleep plan is 100% appropriate from the start. 

It also involves a sleep hygine assessment where I can make changes or recommendations to the sleep envirnoment your child has. 

This option has seen amazing results and usually much quicker than the standard online training option. 

There is also the option to add on extra home visits but this is discussed on a case by case basis and will depend on location. 

Extra expenses will be incurred for travel and accommodation if over 50 miles from my home (Near Bristol) but is not limited so it does not matter where in the world you are! 

I require a bedroom to sleep in on the first night and will wake with you every time your child does to show you exactly what to do to get them back to sleep. This gives you the confidence that you are doing it right before I leave. 

Having a full 24 hours together also allows for you to quiz me on all things sleep so that you are confident to handle any issues that may come your way in he future. 

This service is subject to availability and will need a sleep assessment call before it can be book so that we can decide together what your package will look like. 


Email or call me on 07311278546 to find out more about how I can help you and your child with their sleep.

What My Clients Say

Mother and Baby Sleeping

"Kath is absolutely amazing and her two week plan literally changed our lives. Before we met Kath, our 5 month old would only fall asleep on us/be rocked to sleep and absolutely hated her buggy and would never fall asleep in it. With Kath’s help, we can now put our little one down in her cot with no dummy, walk out the room and know she will fall asleep with minimal fuss. Kath’s advice and support was absolutely incredible throughout. I couldn’t recommend Kath more highly."

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