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Sleeping Baby

Toddler Sleep Training

Having a toddler that won't sleep through the night can be overwhelming. 

Especially with the added pressure of work and looking after a house, and potentially over children as well. 

No matter how much you love your toddler, most parents would give anything to spend more quality time with them without the frustration that lack of sleep and structure can bring. As a toddler sleep consultant, I can promise you that you are not alone, and there is help available to you. 


What is a Toddler Sleep Consultant? 


A toddler sleep consultant is a professional who helps parents develop healthy toddler sleep habits and routines. A sleep consultant should always have specialised training and experience in child development.


If you choose to work with a toddler sleep consultant, they will typically start by assessing your child's sleep habits and identifying any issues or challenges that may be affecting their sleep. They will then work with you to develop a personalised sleep plan that is tailored to your child's individual needs and preferences.


A sleep consultant may use a variety of methods to help your toddler learn healthy sleep habits, including gentle sleep training, behavioural modification techniques, and education on healthy sleep practices. They will also provide ongoing support and guidance as you work to implement the sleep plan and make any necessary adjustments.


If you're struggling with your toddler's sleep habits, a sleep consultant can be a valuable resource to help you establish healthy routines and promote restful sleep for your child.


Why Choose Sleep Easy Consultant for Toddler Sleep Training? 


As a specialist toddler sleep consultant, I will work with you and your family to help to consolidate many aspects of your life in order to help you to implement a realistic plan for healthy sleep. I am under no impression that there's a one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to sleep training. What works for one toddler may not work for another. My approach is sympathetic, kind and open. 


My aim is to equip you with a sleep training plan that you can adapt as your child grows and their needs change. I'll also deliver tools and knowledge to overcome any issues that may occur as your child grows. Please get in touch to find out more about my sleep training services. I can offer remote sleep training online as well as sleep training in person. This means where ever you are in the world, I can help to sleep train your toddler and help you stay in control of your life. 


As a mother to two children myself, you can read more about me here or please don't hesitate to get in touch. I would love to hear from you. 

What My Clients Say

Mother and Baby Sleeping

Kath has helped us so much with our 10 month olds sleep. In two weeks he started sleeping through the night without much assistance from us. Prior to this he was waking regularly and needed us to help him get back to sleep. Kath also helped us extend his daytime naps and get him out of a sleep deficit. We now have the confidence and knowledge to carry on supporting our son with his sleep. We couldn’t recommend Kath enough and wish we had reached out sooner!

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