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Baby Sleeping

Baby Sleep Training

If your newborn or young baby is struggling to sleep, it can be massively disruptive, not to mention exhausting. Lack of sleep can take a serious toll on any parent. So many parents have been in this situation which can feel overwhelming, the good news is that you don't have to suffer alone. Having a sleep consultant to help train your baby to sleep may be the answer you are looking for. 


I am Kath, a baby sleep consultant based in Bristol and offering a gentle and nurturing approach to sleep training. 


Baby's sleep needs are constantly changing, and a newborn that once was a brilliant sleeper may struggle with naps and fight bedtime. Or perhaps you have never managed to settle your baby into a sleep routine that works for you and your family. 


What is a Baby Sleep Trainer? 


A baby sleep trainer (baby sleep consultant) is a professional who specialises in helping parents teach their infants and toddlers healthy sleep habits and patterns. A baby sleep trainer can help parents to establish a consistent sleep routine, create an appropriate sleep environment, and teach their children to self-soothe and fall asleep independently.


Can you Sleep Train a Newborn?


Strictly sleeping is not recommended to try and sleep train a newborn. Their circadian rhythm is not fully formed, and their hormones are still not balanced, which means their sleep won't be aligned with day and night. However, you can do many things to encourage newborn babies to sleep. If you are expecting your baby or have a brnad new little one and are looking for help then the best thing will be to look at my 'New Parent Sleep Course' which runs over 4 week and will give you the knowledge you need to get tings off to a good start. You can also read my tips for newborn baby sleep success here.

How Does Baby Sleep Training Work?

As a baby sleep consultant, I will work with you to help bring together many aspects of your baby's life to help introduce a healthy and consistent relationship with sleep. I will develop a realistic plan for healthy sleep that works with your lifestyle. 


I am here to equip you with the tools and knowledge to overcome any issues that may occur as your child grows. Please get in touch to find out more about my new parent sleep course in Bristol and online and to book a place today. I can also offer remote sleep training online, so where ever you are in the world, I can help you to help your baby become a great sleeper. 


Why might I need a Baby Sleep Trainer?

Parents may seek the assistance of a baby sleep trainer or a sleep consultant for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Difficulty getting their child to fall asleep or stay asleep through the night

  • Concerns about their child's sleep patterns affecting their development or overall health

  • Exhaustion and frustration due to lack of sleep

  • Need for guidance on how to navigate sleep transitions, such as the transition from a cot to a bed

  • A baby sleep trainer can offer personalised advice and support to help parents establish healthy sleep habits for their child, which can result in improved sleep for the entire family.


Whatever your circumstances are, please don't hesitate to get in touch. Whatever you are going through, it's highly likely I can help you and your baby. 

What My Clients Say

Mother and Baby Sleeping

Kath has helped us so much with our 10 month olds sleep. In two weeks he started sleeping through the night without much assistance from us. Prior to this he was waking regularly and needed us to help him get back to sleep. Kath also helped us extend his daytime naps and get him out of a sleep deficit. We now have the confidence and knowledge to carry on supporting our son with his sleep. We couldn’t recommend Kath enough and wish we had reached out sooner!

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