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How A Sleep Consultant Can Sleep Train Your Baby Online

Many parents are only too familiar with the struggle of getting their baby, toddler or child to sleep peacefully all through the night. Sleep deprivation can take a toll on both the child and the parent, affecting overall well-being and daily functioning. Sleep training can provide a valuable lifeline to achieving a consistent sleep routine, and with the rise of online services, sleep training for babies, toddlers, and children is now much more accessible. A professional sleep consultant can effectively assist parents in sleep training their child remotely using video calls without the need to meet face to face.

A parent doing sleep trining online

Understanding the Role of a Sleep Consultant

A sleep consultant is a trained professional who specialises in understanding the science of sleep and developing effective strategies to improve a child's sleep patterns. A sleep consultant or trainer will have the knowledge and expertise to address various sleep-related issues, such as difficulty falling asleep, night waking, or inconsistent napping schedules. Through remote consultations, they work closely with parents to create personalised sleep plans tailored to the unique needs of the child.

Initial Consultation and Assessment

The remote sleep training process typically begins with an initial consultation. The sleep consultant will gather information about the child's sleep habits, routines, and any specific challenges faced by the family. This assessment allows the consultant to gain a comprehensive understanding of the child's sleep patterns and develop a customised sleep plan.

Personalised Sleep Plan Development

Based on the assessment, the sleep consultant will design a personalised sleep plan for the baby, toddler or child. This plan will include specific strategies, techniques, and recommendations to help establish healthy sleep habits that go beyond what the parents may have already tried. Consistent bedtimes, creating soothing bedtime routines, and teaching self-soothing techniques are all part of effective sleep training, but a professional sleep consultant will develop a more holistic approach with the parents, addressing any concerns and ensuring they are comfortable with the proposed strategies.

Regular Check-Ins and Adjustments

Once the sleep plan is in motion, the sleep consultant will schedule regular check-ins with the parents to monitor progress, provide guidance, and make necessary adjustments. These check-ins can be conducted through video calls, phone calls, or even emails, depending on the preference and convenience of the parents. The sleep consultant will assess the child's sleep logs, discuss any challenges faced, and offer support to ensure the plan is effectively implemented.

Continuous Support and Guidance

One of the significant advantages of remote sleep training is the ongoing support provided by the sleep consultant. Parents can reach out to the consultant whenever they have questions or need additional guidance during the sleep training process. This support system provides reassurance, motivation, and accountability, helping parents stay consistent and committed to the plan.

Tracking Progress and Celebrating Success

Throughout the remote sleep training journey, the sleep consultant will help parents track the child's progress and celebrate milestones achieved. By analysing sleep logs and monitoring improvements, the consultant can assess the effectiveness of the sleep plan and make any necessary adjustments. Celebrating successes boosts parents' confidence and reinforces the importance of maintaining consistent sleep habits.

With the assistance of a professional sleep consultant, parents can easily access expert guidance and continuous support. The remote approach eliminates geographical limitations and provides parents with the flexibility they need while still prioritising their child's sleep health and their own happiness. So, if you find yourself in need of sleep training for your baby, toddler, or child, consider exploring the benefits of remote sleep consulting and embark on a journey towards peaceful nights and well-rested mornings.

Sleep Training Online with the Sleep Easy Consultant


If you are looking for sleep training online for your newborn, baby, toddler or child up to 10 years old, all of my sleep training can be carried out online through a series of video calls or phone calls.


I specialise in creating highly personalised sleep training plans as I understand that every child and parent is unique. My aim is to provide you with the necessary tools and resources to guide, support, and assist you in achieving your desired outcomes in an approach that you are comfortable with and that fits with your lifestyle. 


As a parent myself, I am highly sympathetic to every parent's unique approach, and I will work with you in line with your parenting choices. One key aspect of my work is to help identify the source of any issues so that you can effectively overcome them confidently and for the long term.


I offer a number of sleep training packages depending on the level of support you require, you can email or call me on 07311278546 to find out more about how I can help you and your child with their sleep.

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