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Naps on the Go: Motion Naps, are they OK?

As a baby sleep consultant, I often get asked about naps on the go as parents often think that if you want to do your best to support your baby's sleep and get into the best possible routine, then all naps have to be in their baby's own sleep space at home.

Sleeping baby in a pram

Let me assure you—this is not the case!

In fact, I always encourage families to embrace the concept of motion naps. These are naps taken while your baby is in motion, whether in a buggy during a walk, in a car seat on a drive, or in a baby carrier as you move about. Motion naps can be incredibly beneficial for both your baby and you and here's why:

Fresh air is amazing for you and can also really help support sleep. 

Taking your baby outside for a walk can do wonders. Getting outside is not only refreshing it's also great for your baby's well-being. The gentle motion of a buggy or pram can be very soothing and help your baby drift off into a peaceful nap. Exposure to natural light and fresh air can also help regulate their circadian rhythms, which supports better sleep at night.

It takes the pressure off if you are struggling with cot naps. 

If you're struggling to get your baby to nap in their cot, then I truly believe that motion naps can be a lifesaver. As babies will often find the motion of a buggy, car, or baby carrier calming, it makes it easier for them to fall asleep. Motion naps on the go can be a great way to ensure your baby gets the rest they need without the dreaded struggle, giving you a break as well. Win, win.

It helps your mental health to get out and move every day! 

Don't forget about yourself! The simple act of getting out of the house and moving every day can significantly improve your mental health. Whether you are walking around the park, wandering around your neighbourhood, or you like to drive to a scenic spot for a walk, the change of scenery and physical activity can provide a much-needed dopamine boost. Happy, relaxed parents are much better equipped to handle the challenges of parenting and getting out of the house will really help. Don't let your baby's nap schedule stop you from leaving the house.

Use motion naps in moderation

While motion naps have many benefits, I would advise that you use them in moderation and don't rely on them for all of your baby's nap. Aim for a balance, incorporating both at-home cot naps and naps on the go. This approach will help your baby become more adaptable to different sleep environments, which is a valuable skill as they grow older.

So, next time you're feeling the pressure of getting your baby to nap at home, remember that a motion nap can be a fantastic alternative. Embrace the flexibility, enjoy the fresh air, and give both you and your baby the chance to recharge.

Are you looking for help with your baby's naps?

If you are struggling to get your baby or child into a successful napping routine, then I know how frustrating this can be. I'm Kath, a fully qualified sleep nanny in Bristol and working with parents all over the UK.

As a sleep consultant, I work with you to provide customised plans designed especially for your and your family's goals, needs, and lifestyle. If you're looking to reclaim structure in your day and restful sleep at night, then book a free call to explore my sleep training options. We'll work together to ensure you and your family achieve lasting, restful sleep.

(It works, I promise! You can read some reviews from parents I've helped.)

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