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The way I work

There are so many sleep consultants around now. All promising a gentle approach and results. And while most of us are true to our word, some give off a bad reputation with little to no training or an understanding of certain aspects that I prioritise in my business.

We all have an aim to help families struggling with sleep but what makes me different? Who am I and what am I passionate about?

Reflecting on this helps to keep me motivated and know that I can set myself aside from those who offer general support and aim to support as many families as possible a month. I have limited spaces every month. The reason for that is the time I give each of my families to ensure I fully support them closely with not just their sleep plan but also how they are mentally dealing with the changes.

Parenting is hard on our mental health and this is only heightened when you are sleep deprived, and if you are trying to make changes without any support, the reality is that you are likely to fall off the wagon and not see it through. With a gentle and understanding guiding hand you are so much more likely to see the results.

I use a combination of my knowledge of child development (from my degree and 16 year experience in supporting this) and my knowledge of mindfulness and mental health to offer a truly bespoke service to the families I work with.

Want to know more?

Book your free sleep assessment and lets connect and see if we are a good fit for each other to get you your sleep goals!

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