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Dropping the nap completely

Ok, so I feel like this needed it's own blog as it can be more complicated than it first seems with a few things to consider.


Usually children continue to need a nap up until the age of three. Some will be ready to drop just before this time but some will still need a nap until closer to the age of 5!

So if someone has told you that your child should not be napping during the day..... Do not listen! every child reaches this milestone at a different time and by looking at the aspects below you can determine if it is the right time for you:

Night-time sleep

What does this look like?

Are they fighting bedtime after a nap?

Or are they crashing out from pure exhaustion?

Is bedtime still at a regular time or is it getting later and later?

Once they are asleep, are the managing to sleep through the night without waking?

A good sign they may be ready is if hey still sleep well through the night but have started struggling to go to sleep. Or, they have some days where they skip a nap completely and still manage to maintain a somewhat 'normal' bedtime and sleep through. Howeve